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                            GetFeetWet Product Exchange Program

GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is pleased to announced the launching of  its GetFeetWet  Product Exchange Program (GPEP). GPEP is an innovative program that will give GetFeetWet customers the option to trade-up their existing navigation units for newer models. GPEP is another testament to GetFeetWet Navigation's mission of promoting long-term customer relationship by focusing on customer requirements.

Program Specifics:

  • Products where GPEP option is available will list GPEP as an optional item to purchase.
  • Just like purchasing an optional accessory, GPEP is added to cart before checkout. Customers also have the option within 48 hours from the time of order to add GPEP to their purchase regardless of whether the product has shipped.
  • GPEP cost will vary depending on the base price of the product subject to the GPEP. GetFeetWet Navigation is committed  to keep the GPEP cost nominal. The cost will always be in line with the actual handling cost of the exchange transaction.
  • A GPEP option is effective for one year from the purchase date of the product.
  • GPEP is associated with a specific product via the unique serial number of the product purchased. If a product purchased with the GPEP option is traded-up to newer model, the GPEP option for the older model does not transfer to the newer model. The customer has the option, however, of purchasing GPEP for the new model at the time of purchase (replacement). 
  •  Under the GPEP, the customer can purchase any unit of at least equal value. The customer can simply purchase the newer product just like buying any product from GetFeetWet Navigation. The client can then ship back the product being exchanged (older model) to GetFeetWet Navigation. Each GPEP return shipment must include: 1) information about the original order number that accounts for the product and GPEP purchase. 2) The order number of just recently purchased newer product. In case the original order number is unknown, the customer can contact GetFeetWet Navigation and request for a copy of the original invoice.
  • Once the exchanged product is received under GPEP, GetFeetWet Navigation will process a refund equivalent to the prevailing selling price of the product exchanged (older model) at the time of the return less the 15% restocking fee.
  • Whenever possible, the refund will be processed as a credit back to the original credit card transaction. Otherwise, a refund check will be mailed to the customer. In either case, a refund will be completed within 48 hours from time a Receiving and Inspection Report is completed by the GetFeetWet Receiving Unit.
  • The product being exchanged must be returned in its original packaging together with all the accessories that came with the package. The cost of  any missing parts or accessories will be deducted from the refund due the client as described above. Products returned without their original packaging is subject to an additional 5% handling fee.
  • Products returned under this program are expected to be in a condition consistent with normal wear and tear. Product returned damaged or abused are subject to additional handling fees as may be determined fair within the context of regular commerce. The test to be applied is "how much will a person be willing to buy the unit in such condition in an open market". 

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