Garmin Private Sale Club



                                             *** Exclusive ***
                                  GetFeetWet Private Sale Club

We at GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc are very excited to finally launch the GetFeetWet Private Sale eMail Program. This service will allows us to reach our valued clients and make them aware of the latest development and savings opportunities in the world of electronic navigation. As navigation technology continues to evolve, new products are announced by manufacturers and current models are eventually replaced by these new models. Manufacturers must rely on distributors and dealers to move current models to pave the way for the release of yet to be released products. Your friends at GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc have always welcomed your inquiries but have not been pro-active in making you aware of opportunities that have been presented to the company. We intend to change this and make our valued clients aware of every opportunity whenever it presents itself.  Joining this program is easy as adding your email to our email distribution list. This distribution list is is highly confidential and will never be made available to other entities or used other than those provided herein. Members can also opt-out at anytime using a one step automated process that removes the member from the distribution list.

 In essence, this program will program will provide the following benefits exclusive to its members:

  1)      GetFeetWet Rebates for certain products exclusive to members.

2)      Free Shipping or expedited shipping for certain products or when total combined purchase price exceeds a certain amount.

3)      Free Enrollment to the highly successful GetFeetWet Exchange Product Program  (see details here)

4)      Private Sale of certain limited quantity products that will be initially exclusively offered to members.

5)      Priority Guaranteed allocation from the first shipment of yet to be released products and expedited shipping of these products.

6)      Instant notification of  manufacturer price adjustment.

7)      Instant  notification of manufacturer rebates and other promotions.

As an added bonus for being part of this exciting program, we would include a free gift with your next purchase. Simply click on the following link: GetFeetWet Welcome Gift  and add to cart. During your checkout key-in Coupon Code: 3069642GIFT.

For further details about this exciting program, please send eMail to or call (866) 794-4666