This is an important message from GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc ( regarding your recent eBay purchase from eBay seller "wirelessme". This eBay seller is a suspected of selling stolen inventory from a recent burlary of our warehouse in Moorpark, CA on May 23, 2011. The Moorpark Sheriff's office has assigned case 11598 to this incident. View police incident report ==> . We have provided the Moorpark Sherrif's office the list of serial numbers of stolen inventory. View serial number ==>

We have also provided the same serial number list to Garmin International, inc. (see Garmin eMail Thread==> )GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is an Authorized Garmin Dealer and have direct relationship with Garmin International, inc. We have requested Garmin International to regularly scan for new registrations involving these stolen inventory and notify of any attempt to register stolen inventory so we can forward the information to local authorities or the FBI as the case may be. You should also be aware that since these products are stolen, Garmin factory warranties are voided.

Links to serial numbers of stolen inventory are provided above so you can verify for yourself that your recent purchase from eBay seller "wirelessme" is stolen inventory. You can locate the serial number of your purchase on the unit itself and on the shipping box. Compare this serial number to the list of stolen serial numbers.

We have created an eBay account sambatino01 to purchase Garmin units being sold by "wirelessme" to establish that the item being sold are stolen. We wre able to conclude based on this transaction that "wirelessme" is not a legitimate seller of any of the Garmin units sold by him. View Sambatino eBay purchase ==>

We are notifying you of the circumstances of your purchase so you can protect yourself from prosecution for Possession of Stolen Property and/or Profiting from sale or purchase of stolen property. GetFeetWet Navigation already has a list of eBay accounts that purchased from eBay seller "wirelessme" and will be providing these information to local and federal authorities to pursue Search Warrants and recover stolen property.

We do understand, however, that many of people that purchased from "wirelessme" are not not aware that what they have purchased are stolen property. We are offering you an opportunity to get relief from this situation. Here are the steps that needed to be followed:

1) Determine the serial number of the Garmin unit purchased from "wirelessme".

2) Contact us immediately to let us know that you are looking to rectify this matter so we can take you out of the list of buyers that we are seeking to have Search Warrant served to recover the property.

3) Contact the payment processor (credit card company or PayPal) you used to pay for the purchase from "wirelessme" and asked the payment reversed due to the fact that the property is stolen and is not what is represented (voided warranties). You can provide the information from the links we provided to support the Reversal Request. We will also be glad to communicate with card processor to confirm your claim.

4) Pay the purchase price or return the package to GetFeetWet Navigation, inc. (Authorized Garmin Dealer) from which this property was stolen.

If you decide to keep the item, we will honor the eBay purchase price you paid "wirelessme" despite it being significantly below the Garmin dealer cost. We will then communicate to Garmin International, inc that the serial number of the unit is now legitimately purchased and that factory warranty should be activated. We will also communicate to the authorities that this matter has been resolved and no further criminal investigation shuld be pursued.

GetFeetWet Navigation, inc has committed whatever resources are needed to ensure that the perpetrators of this burglary are brought to justice and to make sure that no person will benefit from the proceeds of this crime. To date, with the great work of the Moorpark Sherrif's office, one eBay seller has already been apprehended and others are expected to follow. There is a clear paper trail of where these product end up. If you choose to ignore the relief provided above even after making a determination that you are holding stolen property, you may be facing some very serious criminal and financial repercussions:
1) criminal charge for possession of stolen property
2) criminal charge for profiting from the proceeds of a crime.
3) eBay account cancellation
4) PayPal account cancellation
5) Credit Card Rating Negative entry.
6) Permanent Police Blotter record

Below are the contact information, pertaining to the burglary case. Please feel free to contact them with the serial number of your unit in association with this case.

Detective Kevin Lynch
Mooorpark Sheriff's Office
Detective Assigned to Case
610 Spring Rd
Moorpark, California 93021
(805) 532-2700
Case case 11598

Linda Rice
Dealer Order Desk
Garmin International, Inc
1200 E. 151st Street
Olathe, KS 66062-3426 (Kansas City metro area)
(800) 800-1020


With your support, aside from legitimizing your purchase and availing of full warranty benefits of your purchase, we will be glad to offer a reward for your assistance in making sure that these perpetrators are brought to justice and do not profit from their crime. We will mail to you either $100 gift certificate or a choice of any Garmin Regular size Vision Card (region of your choice) when the stolen property is returned or purchased.

Moreover, we are also offering the same Reward by simply providing the serial number and attach a digital picture of the serial number of your unit. This will aid in adding to evidence pool that we currently have against the perpetrator of this crime.


Nolan Laxamana
GetFeetWet Navigation Inc
885 Patriot Dr, Unit D
Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 531-9577
(805) 531-9609