Return Policy

GetFeetWet Returned Merchandise Policy
GetFeetWet Customer Service will be happy to answer any questions clients may have about a product to determine whether the product features and specifications can satisfy client expecations or requriements. GetfFeetWet support has the technical expertrise and access to manufacturer resources to address any uncertainty or questions about a product. Proper consulation with GetFeetWet support will help eliminate the unnecessary time and expense associated in  returning a product.

Products returned by a client are eventually returned to the vendor or manufacturer regardless of whether the product  appears to be in its original  brand new condition. The distribution chain of control or possession of a brand new item ends when the item is delivered to an end-user or client. The item can no longer be legally sold or represented as new once the distribution chain of possession has ended since it cannot be determined with certainty what happened to the product while in the possession of recepient of the product. The product loses value as a result of the item no longer being considered as brand new.

GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc clients are given the option of returning any product within 15 days from receipt of said product for credit or refund under the following conditions:

1) A Return Authorization Request (RMA) must be requested by the client from GetFeetWet  before a product can be returned for appropriate credit or refund. The RMA will include the RMA number and instructions on shipping the product.The package containing the product to be returned must clearly show the RMA number in order to properly associate the returned product to the original order.

2) The product must be returned in its original unused condition. The product must be return in its original packaging and complete with all the accessories and documentation as originally received. 

3) A 20% restocking will be charged and will deducted to from the amount to be refunded to the client for the returned item.  The restocking fee will will be reduced from 20% to 15% if the client chooses to use the proceeds as credit to be used to pay for a replacement product or purchase of any other product.  Restocking fees are not designed to generate revenue but are being charged to help recover expenses incurred (e.g. credit card transactions fees, shipping fees) or yet be incurred (e.g. shipping cost to return the product to vendor or manufacturer) as well as the restocking fee charged by the vendor or manufacturer to cover the loss of value of the product.

 4) If a client receives a defective product (Dead-On-Arrival), the client has 15 days to request for an RMA for a DOA product. If the product cannot be installed or inspected within the 15-day period, the client must make GetFeetWet aware of this situation within the 15-day period so that the order can be noted for the special accommodation.

The product must  be returned under the RMA processing guidelines as described in this document.  There will be no restocking fee for the return of a DOA product. Client has the option to request for a refund or if an identical product is still available in invetory, to have a replacement product shipped with no shipping charges. The client will have to arrange for shipping the defective product back as provided by the RMA instructions.

The client also has the option of pursuing the warranty with the manufacturer based on the products built-in factory warranty. This option is sometimes preferred when an identical product is no longer available in inventory such as may be the case for clearance or closed out items.

 5) Beyond the 15-day period from receipt of the package,  any warranty related issues must be pursued with the manufacturer under the terms of the product's manufacturer factory warranty. 

6) All products being returned must be shipped with a carrier tracking number. The client must forward the tracking information to  GetFeetWet for proper documentation and tracking.  Once package is received, a Receiving Report will be processed that will describe the condition of the product as received. The Receiving Report will be forwarded to Accounting Department for refund or credit processing.