Vision Bluechart Canada

                         Garmin Bluechart G2 VISION Cartography

BlueChart g2 Vision has set the industry standard in premier electronic chartplotter-based marine charting. BlueChart g2 Vision offers the high detail charting of BlueChart g2 plus high-resolution satellite imagery, above and below water 3-D perspective, auto guidance technology, aerial photographs for real world reference, and coastal roads with points of interest.

Enable the full functionality of Garmin’s new line of chartplotters - the GPSMAP® 4XXX series, the GPSMAP 5X5 series, the GPSMAP 5X0 series and the GPSMAP 4X0 - with the addition of a BlueChart g2 Vision SD card.

BlueChart g2 VISION SD cards provide:

High-resolution satellite imagery when, overlaid on the chart, will provide the mariner with unparalleled situational awareness
Aerial reference photography provides “real world” photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigation landmarks and other points of interest, offering the mariner another powerful tool for navigating unfamiliar waters
Mariner’s Eye view – Provides the mariner with a 3-D perspective of chart information for a quick, reliable and easy position fix
Fish Eye view – 3-D perspective below the water line for displaying bottom contours based on bathymetric charting data
Auto guidance technology will search chart attributes to suggest the best passage to a destination
Fishing charts, tides, currents, marine services, coastal roads and points of interest detail
Detailed charting is included on the card for those customers who have purchased units without preloaded detailed charting, or who will be traveling outside of the areas covered on units with preloaded detailed charting

     G2 VISION Canada Maps
010-C0688-00 VCA001R-Inside Passage
010-C0689-00 VCA002R-Outside Passage
010-C0690-00 VCA004R-Bay of Fundy
010-C0691-00 VCA005R-Halifax to Cape Breton
010-C0692-00 VCA006R-P.E.I to Chaleur Bay
010-C0693-00 VCA007R-Les Mechins to St. George's Bay
010-C0694-00 VCA008R-Newfoundland West
010-C0695-00 VCA010R-Hecate Strait South
010-C0696-00 VCA011R-Hecate Strait North
010-C0697-00 VCA012R-Lake of the Woods / Rainy Lake
010-C0698-00 VCA013R-Labrador Coast
010-C0699-00 VCA014R-Nunavut & Hudson Bay
010-C0700-00 VCA500L-Puget Sound to Port Hardy
010-C0701-00 VCA501L-Vancouver I. - Dixon Entrance