BulkEdge Bulk Repricing Engine

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Powerful Sales Volume - Bulk Re-Pricer Engine

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Great news !!! In its continuing effort to provide maximum value to its clients, GetFeetwet has recently launched  Bulkedge. Bulkedge is a GetfeetWet exclusive feature that scans sales volume of over 30,000 products and identifies the top 10% in sales volume. Bulkedge will add these items to a special category and automatically applies volume discount ranging from 1% to 5% depending on sales volume sold at the time of calculation. BulkEdge scans the sales volume every 48 hours and automatically applies the appropriate discount every run. This will allow clients to enjoy the benefits of bulk buying even for single quantity transactions by treating all individual transactions as a single bulk transactions. All these calculations are done by the Bulkedge system and all the clients have to do is browse the  BulkEdge Category.

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