Case Studies


Case Studies:

The cases below are based on actual events but the some of the names of the parties may have been changed for privacy reasons. Feel free to contact GetFeetWet Navigation Inc to inquire about more details about any of the  cases below.

  - Case: 12001: International - The Australian Sonar Experiment
  - Case: 12002: International - The Australian Sonar Predicament
  - Case 120305: International - When the dogs needed to be tracked
  - Case 120305: International - When dogs disappear
  - Case 125360: International - When more grocery list runneth over
  - Case 128736: Domestic -  When you simply gotta have it
  - Case 128765: Domestic - When planning works to your advantage

  - Case 129827: Domestic - What is in it for me


Case: 12001: The Australian Sonar Experiment
Client is based in Australia and is in the business of installing sonar equipments on boats owned by high-end clientele. Client has strong background in sonar technology and in constant touch with AirMar Technology. AirMar Technology is the premier developer and manufacturer of transducers in world and is based in the United States. Client has opted to implement a dual AirMar transducer solution for several installations. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc. to source out the transducers. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc has direct relationship with AirMar Technology via their distribution arm GEMECO. GetFeetWet Navigation, inc was able to negotiate a additional discounts for the client based on projected sales to the client. Package was shipped to GetFeetWet Navigation, inc for consolidation. Client did provide customs instructions but more important, the customs duties were drastically reduced when GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc was able to use lower rate  tarriff classifaction of the transducer as  "unassembled merchandise". Shipping was also significantly reduced due to GetfeetWet Navigation Inc. deep FEDEX discount as well as the consolidation of all client orders (transducers and other supplies) into one shipment. With consolidation, small items such as panel instruments were shipped at pracically no cost. The final tally shows that client realized 40% savings on the transducers cost and over $800 in shipping cost.

Case: 12002: The Australian Sonar Predicament
Same client in Case 12001 who received and installed the transducers started getting reports from his clients that the transducers are having problems in deeper depths. Client verified the problem and made Airmar aware of the the situation. Due to the time disparity between USA and Australia, the parties had a hard time communicating directly with each other during business hours. Client was under pressure to fix the problem but with no easy access to Airmar technical support, the progress was painfully slow. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc for assistance. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc who has long standing relationship with  GEMECO (Airmar wholly owned distribution arm) contacted a GEMECO technician who based on their experience is the most knowledgeable and most pro-active resource  when it comes to situation like this. The GEMECO technician was briefed by GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc and a plan of action put in place within a few hours of contact. Client in Australia was given an update and provided with contact information of  the GEMECO technician. Direct communication between client and GEMECO technician ensued and client shipped one of the transducers having a problem to GEMECO for testing and analysis. GEMECO worked with AIRMAR and eventually identified the problem and devised a solution. Acting in behalf of the client, GetFeetWet Navigation, inc was able to work with GEMECO to ship the replacement transducers to client in Australia in record time time. Client in Australia did not have to pay for shipping and customs duties due to arrangement with GEMECO and the proper customs declaration of the package.

Case 120305: When the dogs needed to be tracked.
Client is in Norway and  runs  a small business that sells hunting equipment and supplies. Client  needed some Garmin Astro dog tracker and collars. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation Inc about his requirements. Client indicated that there is strong interest in these Astro units but they are hard to find and even when they are available, they are sold at a premium. There was a huge business opportinity but client cannot commit to a very large volume due to insufficient funds. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc who is an authorized dealer of Garmin was able to come up with a solution whereby client is quoted Garmin manufacturer cost pricing with a purchase commitment of 100 Astro units but delivery will be in fulfilled four shipments within a 4 month period. Client has the option to cancel remaining shipment at anytime but a price adjustment will be processed on the shipped orders based on a pre-agreed price schedule. With agreement finalized, GetFeetWet Navigation, inc was able to source out the initial shipment not with Garmin but with a partner distributor who was able to negotiate a bigger discount than the standard Garmin dealer discount by combining GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc requirements with the distributor's own requirements and qualifying for higher tierred discounts based on quarterly sales volume. Client was able to easily sell the 100 Astro units and repeated the process successfully for 3 years.

Case 120305: When dogs disappear
Same client in case 120305 in Norway had some problem with Astro units he sold to his clients. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc and client was advised to talked to Garmin technical support directly to facilitate communication and also make sure that nothing is lost in the translation. Garmin advised client to send the units for warranty work. Garmin is willing to ship back the units after warranty work to any address in the USA but will not ship directly to an international address. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, inc about the situation and GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc offered to accept delivery of the package from Garmin and ship it to the client with the appropriate  customs declaration to eliminate any customs duties.

Case 125360: When more grocery list runneth over
Client is based in United Kingdom. Client purchased some marine equipment from the GetFeetWet catalog. Client's is also a collector of vintage guitars and found an collector's item costing more than $1000  on eBay. eBay seller will not shipped directly to an international address but suggested a forwarding company that will ship the guitar for a minimum service charge of $150 plus shipping cost. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, inc and inquired about the Parcel Forwarding Service that is built into the account of all GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc clients. Client contacted eBay seller and had the package shipped to GetFeetWet Navigation, inc. The package arrived and was inspected and photographed. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc shipping department recommended that the package be re-packed with sturdier materiials to lessen the risk of damage while in transit. Client sent Custom instructions which was declared on the paperwork as instructed. Package was consolidated with the client's marine equipment purchases. Shipping cost only increased by $45.00 compared to the standard FEDEX rate rate for same weight and dimensions calculated at $230. There was no service fee charged except for nominal $30 imposed for repacking the package  Package was received by client in good condition. Since then client has  utilized the service several times not only for his own shopping needs but also for those of his associates.

Case 128736: When you simply gotta have it
Client is in the USA and is a much in demand installer of marine electronic equipment. The initial requirement was for an KVH antenna that will be used for Latin America. Client ordered the package based on information provided by his client. The package was delivered in time for the scheduled install (Saturday). The day before the installation (Friday), client called GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc and indicated that his client somehow assumed that any KVH antenna will work in the USA and that specifying Latin America is just in addition to what comes automatically with any KVH setup. Client already talked to KVH and was told that there is no way to build a correct tri-America model before end of business  Friday. GetFeetWet searched its product database and contacted all partner distributors that carry KVH. Unfortunately, the particular KVH model needed is a special order item and no distributor happen to have one sitting on their shelves. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc, called KVH and consulted with KVH engineers and a sales order desk. A solution was hatched which involved shipping the Tri-America LNB to the client who was given instructions on how to replace the LNB in the dome already in clients possession with the Tri-America LNB. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc arrange for the overnight shipment with Saturday delivery. Client received the package and completed installation in time for sea trials.

Case 128765: When planning works to your advantage
Client is in the USA and buys boats, outfits them, and sells them for profit. Client is the midst of escrow for his latest acquisition. He has a grocery list of what he needs to refurbish the boat. The list includes multiple MFD chartplotters, radar, sonar, VHF, refrigerator, power supply, auto-pilot, etc. Client is familiar with  Raymarine and Furuno equipment but has not implemented a Garmin solution previous projects. He is clear about his functional requirements but has not had the time to translate those requirements into Garmin part numbers. Client gave GetFeetWet Navigation, inc the grocery list of non-Garmin part numbers that he is familiar with which he knows will meet his functional requirements. GetFeetWet Navigation, inc took the list and created a Garmin solution that will be comparable to the feature set of the system the client has listed. Client reviewed the proposed configuration and made some minor changes to avail of enhanced features. Client was not expecting to close escrow  for at least another 30 days. He indicated that he will prefer Garmin Factory Refurbished units if they are available due it lower price point.  GetFeetWet Navigation, inc only has one of the 5 major items in the list as available as factory refurbished. A quick scan of the  GetFeetWet Navigation, inc showed that a partner distributor has 2 of the remaining 4 units left to be sourced out in stock.With the last 2 remaining items still to be sourced out, GetFeetWet Navigation, inc called Garmin representative in charge of factory refurb inventory and asked about the remaining items. Garmin representative indicated that there is nothing on the shelves currently but a work-in-process report shows some units becoming available in 2 weeks. Client received all the items in the Garmin solution well before the escrow close and in the process, due to his planning, GetFeetWet Navigation, inc was able to save the client more than $2000 versus brand new alternatives even if offered at manufacturer cost.

Case 129827: What is in it for me
Client is in the USA and has been a professional installer for many years. Client has accounts with many of the major manufacturers of electronic equipments and has been buying direct from the manufacturer for years. Client relishes the advantage of having direct access to manufacturer's technical support and engineers.  Client was bidding on a new project that comprise the installation of more than 15  hardware components from at least 5 different manufacturers. Client contacted GetFeetWet Navigation, inc to get pricing information. Client originally intended to use the GetFeetWet Navigation, inc as a fast way to submit a quote thinking that while the price should be competitive, he can still expect a windfall from project since he can purchase the items directly from manufacturers. Client eventually won the contract and was ready to source out the hardware requirements to manufacturers. When reviewing the final cost,, he realized that his final total cost if he sources out direct to manufacturers  than the quote submitted by GetFeetWet Navigation, inc. Upon analysis, he noted that the some of the major items where quoted lower than manufacturer cost by 1%. He also noted that the shipping cost incurred to ship from the 5 manufacturers increases the cost significantly. GetFeetWet Navigation, inc quoted FREE shipping. Moreover, two of the items needed for the install is backordered from the manufacturer and will not be available in time for the installation. Client has spent more than a day sourcing out the products and talking to various manufacturers and distributors to make sure that all the hardware will be delivered in time for the installation. Finally, considering all options, client called GetFeetWet Navigation, inc and inquired order fulfillment of the original quote. GetFeetWet Navigation, inc scanned its consolidated database and gave client confirmation that the complete quote will be delivered within 3-days of payment receipt availing of FREE ground shipping. The client was also given the option to have the whole order of over 145 lbs shipped overnight for a flat rate of  $45.00. Client subsequently cancelled all pending orders with manufacturers and placed the entire order with GetFeetWet Navigation, inc.