GetFeetWet Customer Communication Center


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Live chat by SightMax

Live Chat by SightMax
Monitored by the GetFeetWet Sales Team during business hours. 

Extended coverage before and after business hours depending on availability of sales personnel.

(NOTE: Icon to the left will show ONLINE if sales representatives are available for chat.

Peak hour business hours when phone lines are jammed.

Cut and paste of information may better explain the problem or question.

Transcript of the chat needed for the record and for future reference.

Real-time chat with GetFeetWet Sales Personnel who can respond to questions of multiple clients simultaneously.. Get fast answers to your questions fast without  having to rely on a phone line opening up to talk to GetFeetWet sales personnel. 

Confirmed communication. Client knows for a fact that his question or issue has been communicated to GetFeetWet

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Call Me Now!
Available 24 hours a day
7 days a week.


When turnaround time is essential and sales lines are busy..

After business hours  when urgent communication is needed.


Toll-Free line that will page and send text message to  all sales staff including offsite and off-duty sales overflow support.



Convenient - no hassle - urgent message communication.

After hours sales support including offsite and off-duty staff.

Call Direct

Phone Lines (Domestic)
   Toll-Free: 866 794-4666
   Direct: 805 531-9609 
              805 531-9577
Phone Lines (International)
        +001 805 531-9609
        +001 805 531-9577
Business Hours during weekdays 8 AM to 4PM Pacfic Time

Limited coverage during weekends depending on availability of sales personnel.


When calling in to place an order when client would rather have GetFeetWet key-in the order or when client have several questions that will require resolution before placing the order.

In all cases where client is uncomfortable or is unable to use the other methods of communication presented on this page.

In all cases, where client prefers to talk to a live person to place an order or discuss requirements.

Toll-Free line with an telephone automated attendant to help route calls to the right department.

 Calls placed when all lines are busy roll over to the voice mail. Due to the volume of call during business hours, GetFeetWet staff will normally not have time to listen to the voicemail. GetFeetWet uses a highly sophisticated telecom system that ,among other things, automatically emails the caller ID (CID)  phone number of the client to the email queue monitored by sales personnel. Calls are returned using the CID as soon as sales personnel  completes his pending phone call.  

Dedicated sales personnel working with client to address questions or issues pertaining to a GetFeetWet transaction

Skype Account: GetFeetWet

Free Voice Over IP (VOIP) Computer-to-Computer voice communication. Recommended for clients outside the United States.

To learn more about Skype features and benefits, or download the FREE Skype program, Click -->>> HERE
Business Hours during weekdays 8 AM to 4PM Pacfic Time

Limited coverage during weekends depending on availability of sales personnel.


Highly recommended for international clients or clients currently located outside the US.

While we still recommend that clients communicate their requirements or orders in writing via eMail to minimize errors in translation and provide written transaction history, Skype will provide a Free or minimal cost option to get sales support in situations where eMail exchange can be quite tedious or when timing is getting getting critical.
No cost computer-computer voice call, chat, SMS, video, and conferencing service.

NOTE: Skype service will utilize your internet broadband service. The quality of the audio will depend on the speed and stability of your internet broadband service. GetFeetWet utilizes dual high-speed broadband links but a slow link from the client side may significantly degrade quality of audio.
Cost Free or nominal Voice access that will benefit international clients.
Quick eMail

Quick eMail
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 eMail Client
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Available 24 hours a day
7 days a week.

When immediate or urgent reply is not needed.

When question needs to be researched or when question involves a complex answer.

During non-business hours where client will not be available to communicate during business hours.

When communication has to be formal and verifiable (such as requests for Quotes)

Quick email is fast and convenient way to send your inquiry without the need to have an email client.

Second option is the traditional hyperlink to launch an email client with addressee and subject filled out. Use this later option if attachments will be sent with the email

Allows the flexibility  and  the convenience of communicating with GetFeetWet staff without having to wait for a live representative to be available.

Best method for discussing complex requirements that may require research.

Communication are documented.

    Fax Service
Phone Lines (Domestic)
   Direct: 866 3022991  
Phone Lines (International)
   Direct: +001 805 531-9704 
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When documents must be provided or requested to complete a transaction.

Alternative to eMail when client does not have access to a computer.

Dedicated fax machine to accept all client correspondence in a secured facility Easiest way to send information available to client only in printed or hard copy format such as identity information.

Provide an easy way to send signed authorization to support a transaction