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Garmin Branded  Transducers
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010-10105-00 200KHz, 20deg, plastic, transom mount transducer
010-10106-00 200KHz, 20deg, plastic, transom mount transducer
010-10107-00 200KHz, 12deg, bronze, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10119-00 200KHz, 12deg, plastic, thru-hull mount, depth
010-10182-00 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, bronze, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10183-01 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, bronze, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10192-01 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, plastic, transom mount transducer
010-10193-01 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, bronze, thru-hull mount/long stem transducer
010-10194-00 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, plastic, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10200-00 200KHz, 14deg, plastic, trolling motor transducer
010-10217-00 200KHz, 12deg, bronze, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10218-00 200KHz, 12deg, plastic, thru-hull mount transducer
010-10224-00 200KHz, 14 deg, plastic, in-hull mount, depth
010-10249-00 Transducer 200KHz, 45/15 degrees dual beam, plastic, transom mount, depth, temp
010-10251-00 Trolling motor transducer adapter
Compatible with Garmin Transducers, 010-10249-00 and 010-10272-00
010-10272-00 200/50KHz, 10/40deg, plastic, transom mount, depth, temp
010-10327-00 200/50KHz, 12/45deg, plastic, adj. in-hull mount transducer
010-10365-00 Thru hull mount, plastic, temp & speed only
010-10443-00 200/50KHz, 14/23deg, 1KW, bronze, thru-hull mount transducer w/fairing
010-10445-00 200/50KHz, 6/19deg, 1KW, plastic, in-hull mount transducer w/tank
010-10640-00 1kW thru-hull, B260 Bronze, w/ID, w/fairing
010-10641-00 1kW, in-hull with depth, M260 Bronze, w/ID, w/mounting tank
010-10642-00 200/50 Khz, 5/17 degree, 2KW, bronze R99, thru-hull mount transducer, w/ID, w/fairing
010-10643-00 200/50kHz, 5/17 degree angle,2KW, bronze R199, In-hull transducer, w/ID, w/mounting tank

Garmin Remote Sounders

010-10330-00 GSD 20 Remote Sounder
010-00502-00 GSD 21 Analog Remote Sounder
010-00397-00 GSD 22 Digital Remote Sounder

Garmin Receivers

010-00342-00 GDL 30 Marine Weather Satellite Receiver
010-00342-01 GDL 30A Marine Weather/Audio Satellite Receiver
010-00463-00 GXM 31 Weather/Audio Satellite Receiver
010-00423-00 GXM 30 Weather/Audio Satellite Receiver

Garmin Radar

010-00484-01 Garmin Radars
Seaview Radar Mounts Seaview Radar Mounts

Garmin Network

010-00351-00 GMS 10 Network Port Expander