Loyalty Club

Welcome To the GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc

Thank you !!! We owe our continuous success to our loyal clients. In appreciation of 14 years of support, we are glad to announce the launching of Loyalty Club Program. There are no membership fees and no need to sign-up. Clients are automatically enrolled and will be entitled to the full benefits of the program when their  purchase is made.  Loyalty Points are assigned to products. In most cases, the higher the price of  the product, the more the Loyalty Points are awarded. There are also more Loyalty Points awarded to "on-sale" or clearance items. Loyalty Points can be used to pay for GetFeetWet Purchases. Each Loyalty Point has the equivalent value of $1.00.


As we say, this program is better than coupons, better than rebates and better than a savings acoount..

Loyalty Points benefits:

1) Loyalty Points increase in value. Unused Loyalty Points increase by 25% every anniversary year. Better than coupons, Better than rebates, Better than savings account.

2) No need to wait weeks to avail of the benefits. Loyalty Points are activated as Gift Certificates as soon as payment for the order is completed. Better than rebates.

3) Loyalty Points can be used to pay for several purchases and they never expire. Better than coupons.

4) Loyalty Points can be transferred to other beneficiaries or can be divided among many beneficiaries. Better than coupons, Better than rebates.

5) Loyalty Points are secure and can never be lost. Better than coupons, Better than rebates.


How does it work?

1) Products are assigned Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points assigned to products vary by product. Some products are sometimes assigned more Loyalty Points while some others lower Loyalty Points. There are also cases where no Loyalty Points are assigned to the product.

2) The Loyalty Points assigned to a  product will be clearly shown on its product page. If a product with Loyalty Points is purchased,   aside from the standard order confirmation that is automatically emailed after the product is purchased, a second email will be sent to the client that  containing the Loyalty Points Certificate Code. the Loyalty Points Certificate Code will only be generated after payment for the order is successfully processed.

3) Once the Loyalty Points  Certificate Code is received, it can be used immediately to pay for GetFeetWet purchases even as within the same day of purchase. The Certificate Code is entered during the checkout process. (Note: Enter the Loyalty Points Certificated Code as a Gift Certificate and NOT a Promotional Code)

4) During the checkout process, after  a valid Loyalty Points Certificate Code is accepted by the system, it will deduct the amount from the total amount of the purchase. If there total amount of the purchase is less than the amount still available from the Loyalty Points Certificate, then the remaining amount will continue to be available for future purchases using the same Certificate Code..